Meet The Non-toxic Wool Dryer Balls That Naturally Soften Laundry !

I have a confession to make: Though my job is writing about wellness and green living, some of my choices are… less than well, and a questionable shade of green. When, for example, it comes to my hair, I will use whatever chemical creation makes it look best and smell best. Lightbulbs? I’m addicted to the soft glow of eco-unfriendly incandescents; never shall a long-lasting LED cross my threshold. And laundry? My dryer sheet of choice is a popular supermarket brand, chemical-laden and “disposable”—as in, contributing to the landfill and pricey. The cost of those sheets really does add up. So when I heard about natural wool dryer balls, I had to give them a whirl.

Please note: These dryer balls are on sale for just $9 (was $11). However, this deal is only active for a few hours, so act fast!

These doodads—which you toss in the dryer with wet clothes—promise to make clothes soft and shorten drying time. As someone who is obsessed with NOT washing and drying my clothes too much (it wears them out so fast and I don’t particularly enjoy doing laundry), I found this very appealing. Shorter drying time is not only easier on fabrics but it saves energy, which means lower energy bills. And less time doing laundry!

The results

Instead of waiting for the dryer’s rageful beep, I returned to the basement 15 minutes shy of the usual 30-minute dry time. Not only were my clothes completely dry and static-free, but they were SO soft — as if they’d spent an hour in there with fabric softener and my favorite (chemical-laden) dryer sheet.

Reveling in tactile enjoyment (no moisture, plus silky softness) as I felt through the basket, I retrieved the balls then repeated the experiment with a load of towels and pillow cases. Perfection.